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Andrea Forgacs, info@andreaforgacs.com

This is my mooooooost favourite quote in the world. I believe you are one of a kind unicorn. That the only way you can be in this world is by being you unapologetically.


That's why ...


.. I actually love my body - yes every bit of it, except the occasional pimple I admit. 

... I live, work and travel in a van with my fiancé and dog.

... why I wear clothes and lipstick that I love - let them look.

... why I speak up for myself and others.

... I talk about queerness, fatness and feminism!

What a coincidence that this

is my absolute favorite movie:

Psssst: If you don't know this is The Last Unicorn


Hey, it's me, Andrea

I'm a proud queer 🌈fat 🐳 feminist 💪🏾 artist, activist and coach. As my mum used to say I'm way too passionate for this world. - Thanks, mum - You are scarily right. 

I'm one of those people who always drew. I mean always! I told my fiancé once "I think I was born with a pencil in my hand." But I did 15 years full of detours till I found my voice and focused on my art and activism fulltime. 


I started my journey as a Graphic Designer and jumped around between working freelance, employed in agencies and self-employed, which worked out awesome for a few years until I got super tired of the constant long nights, the difficult clients, the low pay and not being able to be my creative self fully.

That’s when I started a female-powered gallery called We Show Off with a friend to get more of that long lost creativity and art back into my life. That worked for a while and taught me an amazingly powerful new side of the creative life that we rarely see: The Business Side

All the artists I met, the cities I lived in and the work I was doing made me realize what was missing in my own success as a creative. It wasn’t the passion, or the clients, or the work. It was the pure freedom of being who I am unapologetically and integrating this into a business. So I did. I quit the gallery, I quit graphic design and I started doing art again and now here I am:

A queer fat feminist artist and activist.

This sounds easy but it was a 15-year long process in which I had to learn to accept myself and my body. I had to reopen wounds from my difficult past in which I was bullied in school and at home. I needed to reflect on the things society told me were „normal“. I needed to forget everything I soaked in about food and dieting and sport. 


I needed to reinvent the rules that were put on me by others!



My fiancé, our dog and me are traveling and working from a van. We are both people who love the journey in life and in travel so we figured why not make it permanent. If you ever meet us on the road say hello. 👋🏾


Let me introduce you to my gorgeous fiance, Dunja. The love of my life, the other half of my soul, .the best thing that ever happened to me. But seriously. She is not only an amazing human being. She is also Psychologist and Coach and helps LGBT*'s to live a happy life. 


Yes, we are puppy mummies. She is called after Xena - the Princess Warrior but definitely ended up being way more Princess then Warrior which is absolutely not our fault. We don't spoil her at all.