You have your own story and you want to have it represented in an art piece?
You want to be reminded every day how strong and fierce you are?

You have a friend, parent, colleague who needs that reminder?


With a full-body portrait, you celebrate your body. Every inch is amazing, beautiful, and powerful and with a full-body portrait you can highlight exactly that. A Body Portrait is a powerful way to take control of your story and your body. To show yourself and the world how fierce and beautiful you are!


Curtesy of @cosmiccupidd

To create your portrait I will need to see your beautiful body. 


You send me 1-3 photos the way you would like to be portrayed. These can be clothed, partly naked, or naked. (complicated patterns in clothing will not be illustrated) Don't worry these don't have to be fancy shots with complicated lightning. Simply take a mobile phone and shoot away.


After I received your photo I will choose one image and sketch it out with the rough details. 

I will send you the sketch and you can have a look at what you would like to change and adapt. This is also where we will talk about color and integrate your favorite one. 

The last step is to color and finish your full body portrait!

 I know that you trust my art and creative choices so from here on it is about coloring your body, integrating a fancy background, and digging into the details. 


And then it's done!



Omg Andrea this is absolutely beautiful! I am obsessed. I look so badass!!!

Dominique Todd, @dominique.dawnelle

Oh wow! I do love it, I love how you took an image where I felt a little awkward and you were able to pull out the playful & fierce.

Vanessa West, @salut.vanessa

OMGGGGGG this is sooooo incredible! Thank you so much! I love it and wouldn’t change a thing. Can’t wait to be able to share it!



Victoria Welsby, @fierce.fatty



What you will receive​:

  1. Your gorgeous self as a Body Portrait illustrated by me

  2. A JPG File of your artwork that you can use on you Insta and co.

  3. A PDF File of your artwork for your personal use (in case you want it on a cup or a shirt)

  4. A 40x50cm (16x20'') print of your final artwork on thick, matte paper right to your door


I'm quick, but I will still need some time, so allow up to 4 weeks for production.

All of this for only:



  1. These commissions are to be used for personal use only and do not include usage rights. This means they are not to be used to promote a business, or to be used on merch that you make a profit off of. Read more here. An additional fee is needed for promotional or commercial rights.

  2. You can, however, enjoy this design as a custom piece of art for your home, personal social media, or digital wallpapers.

  3. I delete all original files after the usage of your artwork from my computer. I will not keep your very personal images to make sure they don't end up where you don't want them. 

  4. I will not show your artwork or original files except after written permission by you. If you allow me to use the portrait I will show your artwork in my portfolio and online on both and

  5. Payments are non-refundable and any revisions exceeding the scope of 30 mins will be billed an additional €80/hr. Don't worry this usually never happens but I have to put it in here anyway in case you want extensive changes. 

  6. All artwork will be created in my own graphic style. This includes soft, fluid lines, vibrant colors, and block shading. Subtle additional elements can be included such as customizations to accessories, glasses, and simple earrings. But ultimately your illustration will be a direct reflection of the reference photo provided.

  7. You can include a word or a short phrase (5-6 words) The added phrase included will only be in my all caps style placed on your body. 

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