How to be a rebel by loving yourself

Updated: Sep 11

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The beauty, diet, and media industry is feeding us the idea that the only way we are supposed to move in this world is in an overly skinny body. And that has to be maintained with diets, cosmetics and a constant stream of new clothes. ⁠⠀


This industry makes us believe that we are not worth anything if we look different then the "ideal". ⁠⠀


Are you as tired of it as I am? ⁠⠀


The only way we can fight back and rebel against an industry that wants to put us down is by ⁠loving and accepting ourselves. Accepting ourselves unconditionally. Accepting out skin, our body, our mind, and starting to live our truth. The one that lies deeply covered in all of us: The truth that we are perfect.

We knew it when we were kids when the world was not filled with insecurities yet and we have to rediscover our self-love again if we want to discover selflove and acceptance and fight an industry that purposefully wants to put us down.

If you love and accept the way you are. The industry will not be able to have a grip on you. How could they?

♥︎ If you love your body, you don't need a diet pill.

♥︎ If you love your skin you don't have to have the latest anti cellulitis super creme.

♥︎ If you are acceptant of yourself you don't need the newest fanciest clothes.

♥︎ If you are satisfied with your face you don't need to cover it with make up every day.

♥︎ If you are ok with your weight you don't need a fitness membership you never use.

And don't get me wrong. It is not about actually wanting these things or having them. Of course, you can have the creme that makes your skin smoother or the clothes that make you happy. The problem starts when you feel insecure when you don't have these things. When you stretch your budget, make irrational decisions, or feel compelled to have it or use it because other people have it or use it. When you purchase something just because you feel like you should instead of really believing in it.

We are more influenced by the diet and beauty industry than we think, thats why we need to start with us. Make sure that we are acceptant of ourselves. Loving ourselves. And making decisions from a place of love and acceptance. We can do this everyday by simply occasionally letting out our inner rebel. By questioning the things we learn and the decisions we are faced with.

☛ Do you want eyelash extension because you feel fabulous or do you think you need to have them because every other person has them?

Do you need that new dress that you tried on because you really love how it feels, how it hugs your body, how it presents your beauty or are your trying to make yourself happy by buying something that you might not need?

These are the kind of questions that will wake up your inner rebel! They will make you question each purchase decision and therefore question the industry that wants you to feel bad so they can sell you products and services you might not want or need. And it goes so much further. With each question you ask you will discover yourself. With each question you will get a little closer to yourself, to what you need, to what you want, to what you love. And eventually to self acceptance and maybe even self love.

What question will you face today?

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