I make my own reality

Updated: Jun 9

Through the corona crisis, I started to rethink a lot of what was going on in my life and how I was able to make some of the things happen around me. How I managed to step into self-employment, to open a gallery and then close it again, to start Illustrating full time or build out a van so my fiancé, my dog and me can live and travel in it. ⠀

Through the crisis, I was thrown back a lot. Because suddenly all of these things did not mean that much anymore. Suddenly the surrounding I live in decided for me! Where I can go and what I can and can not do. My business took a hit, I am stuck in Spain on a campground and the only other person we see daily can't stop complaining about her life. ⠀

And there it was. My reminder. This person who couldn't stop complaining reminded me of a time where I wasn't able to step into new roles, new businesses, and exciting opportunities. Because I expected things to come to me. To happen TO me. And there it was my reminder:⠀

I make my own reality. ⠀

I choose what I do and what I don't. Just because I'm locked in one place does not mean the world will end for me. It only means I need even more imagination to make my own reality.⠀

I need to think outside the box. Create new opportunities and let my fantasy take the lead and it worked! I am in the process of creating a new project I'm really excited about and that came to me in meditation when I opened my mind to the possibility of a new reality. It proved once again that I have the power to make my own reality. ⠀

How will you make your reality?⁠⠀

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