Womxn! Let's be better together!

Updated: Sep 11

There is this weird notion between women that there is only one winner. It is this idea that we have to go though catfights, put each other down because there can be only one queen! The one and only, most beautiful and most successful womxn. ⁠

This idea was practiced for a very long time in every area of our lives. Because scarcity made us believe we had a chance at success but only if we fought the people around us. ⁠

Why? It is such a strange notion. But it has a reason. It kept womxn out of the industries! I am not saying this happened on purpose necessarily. But through years and years of teaching women that they are not worthy, it is what we came to. We got the idea that only one of us can win. ⁠

Men on the other hand have always supported each other. Sure there was some „healthy“ competition, but all in all the ideas was to get the man to the table. To help your buddies and support each other to succeed. ⁠

What if we would stick together?

If womxn would stick together, like men did for as long as anyone can remember, what would happen? When we would actually support the women in our surrounding. Give them jobs, opportunities, money and options. What it we would fight along side each other and offer each other guidance and help. ⁠

What if we would only hire womxn? Work with womxn?

And not any kind of womxn. Womxn from every color, and background. Queer, old, young, fat, trans, creative, abled, disabled, technical, bossy, introverted. What if we would watch movies made by womxn, books written by womxn, book courses by womxn. ⁠

I try to surround myself with womxn’s voices. It is not always easy because there is still such a huge lack of representation in all areas of media because we got so little change to show out talents, but it is getting more and more and we are getting stronger because we are very slowly starting to realize that raising each other up is the only way we can reach real equality. ⁠

Are you supporting womxn? Let's be better together!

Share three women that currently inspire you in the comments and let’s spread the love. ⁠

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