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Updated: Sep 11

One of the biggest revelations I've ever had in my life was the simple fact that nothing changes when nothing changes.

This fact sounds so simple, so natural that we rarely worry about what this fact actually means.

What does it mean: nothing changes if nothing changes?

We are so stuck in patterns and ideas of our lives that we often repeat emotions and actions. Over and over again try to create the same pattern and hope for a different result every time.

An example is the classic cycle of a diet. You go on a diet, you lose weight, you stop dieting, you gain weight again. You're on a diet again ...

Or in creative business. You post on Instagram, are disappointed with the likes. Then you post again and are disappointed with the likes… ..

Or in a partnership. Someone annoys you, you speak to them, nothing changes, you speak to them again, nothing changes ...

There are endless examples of loops in which we move and thoughts in which we circle. The same thoughts, the same patterns, over and over again. Unfortunately, these patterns often lead to us getting stuck in our life situations.

If you had the same conversation with your partner for the 100th time and expected a different result, wouldn't it be time to look at it from a different perspective?

If you try to start a project for the 100th time and then postpone it, wouldn't it be time to change something?

If the 100th post on Insta has still not brought you customers, isn't it time to rethink your strategy?

If the 100th diet was still unsuccessful, could the goal be wrong?

If you always do the same thing and tackle it the same way, you always get the same result! Only if you change something and tackle the problem differently do you have a chance for a different solution!

I'm sharing this story with you because I was also stuck in the same circles and am still getting stuck in them. It is hard to change your way and take a new route into a new way of thinking. But over time and with practice it is possible!

I liberated

... my body by rethinking the way I approached food and diets.

... my business by finally stepping out of my graphic design career and finally pursue my life's dream job: Illustration

... my life by leaving the comfort and stability of my city and move into a van to travel the world and see all the things I want to see.

And you know what? I fall back to my old ways regularly. Only this week. I have been back in my old city where I rethought if I should stay. If the stability of a home would be better than the instability of travel. And maybe it will be in a few years but right know my mind is full of fear and is simply seeking the old ways instead of embracing the new. So I need to help it along and give it a push. Today I am back on the road.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that everything in your environment and in your life is changeable. You just have to leave the good old familiar behind and tackle a new way.

Sometimes that means to

say no.

… get help.

… stop with something and try something different

… just start something instead of thinking about it

... look at and change your own reaction

… question whether the goal is the right one

It means questioning your approach to behavior and thereby freeing your body, mind and business from the old way and the existing assumptions.

It also means that things can go wrong. Because new paths sometimes lead to a dead end. Nevertheless, with each new path you will discover new territory and continue to develop. Like on a map where you gradually discover and record the forests, mountains, lakes and seas to perceive more and more of yourself and get to know yourself better and create your own reality.

How about you? Did you ever liberate yourself from old patterns and beliefs? Or do you feel stuck in one? Share your experiences in the comments below.

I would love to hear your what your thoughts are. Simply comment below.

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