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Set the tone for your next big moment!

Updated: Mar 7

Recently i saw this TED Talk in wich Amy Cuddy describes what the posture you sit or stand in influences your mood and therefore your live and career.

She describes how power poses can influence the way you feel and react. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. If you force yourself to a laugh your mood brightens. If you sit up straight and raise your boobs you will feel more powerful and just a tiny little stronger. The way our mood can influence our body posture (crowling up when you are sad, slouching when you are tired, hiding your breast when you are shy) our body is also able to influence our mood. Isn't that at least worth a try? Sit up straight, raise your head and your arms and get yourself in this position for 2 minutes!

You will feel a tiny difference!

Sometimes this is all we need to brighten our day or get through a difficult interview or make that one call you just really don't want to do. It is the little moments that can change our lives and influence the road we will take.

Check the TED talk out yourself! You will not regret it: