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You are enough!

Updated: Mar 7

Years ago when I was starting my creative freelance business I didn’t realize how hard it will be. I wanted to be that girl that was staring through. I was good I reckoned. I worked in a good agency and studied in good schools. I even finishing with distinction.

The one thing that no creative education teacher tells you though is that it is a struggle. And it doesn’t really matter if you are freelance or work in a job. It is a large issue of not being taken seriously in the creative field. Of feeling like your education was worth nothing and your salary will always be what it is now. The feeling of always needing some kind of security on the side when you are freelance or never being able to grow over the position you have now in an agency.

So you try to find solutions. Try to find ways that you can get more clients. Try different insta-schools and facebook groups. Try to educate yourself more and more. You consider starting a new career as a slightly different version of what you are doing now or simply something completely different because you have gotten so frustrated with your business. And of course, the buzz in your mind goes on and on.

Circling through every aspect of your life. And therefore also your frustration. It influences your mood. Your life. Your relationships. Your sleep!

This process is so familiar to me. It is normal and frustrating and sad. Because as creative people we are likely to undermine ourselves. We are pushed to be creative, working long hours, but nearly earning anything.

I believe though that that can change. That the only reason we ended up in this trap is a belief that we got taught. By freeing ourselves from this belief and empowering our body and business we can finally create a business that we love and get paid for.

Since I started this process I can finally relax! I enjoy my work, I enjoy the hours and I can finally lead a life that is important to me personally and financially!

The Number 1 thing you can start today is asking yourself this question:

Why do you feel like you are not enough as a creative, as a human being?