I don't care that it's "normal" ...

▸ be beautifully and neat 

▸ stay young and pretty 

▸ to be slim and sporty

▸ to behave and be nice

▸ making work a priority⁠ ⠀

▸ getting up early ⁠⠀

▸ having a heteronormative relationship

▸ to constantly buy things


I don't care that doing these things is "normal" because other people are doing them! ⁠I don't care that the world screams that things are done differently than I do them! I am my own person with my own experiences. I've heard a life that nobody else has! I think with my own experience, my own knowledge. And so are you!

I don't care about your normal - Limited Edition Art

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    • 12x12 inches / 30x30 cm
    • 16x26 inches / 50x50 cm

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    ♥ ︎ Arrives within 2 - 3 weeks 
    ♥ ︎ Refunds are possible if the item doesn't show up or arrives damaged


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