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Andrea Forgacs, info@andreaforgacs.com

Let's start by saying that you are absolutely fabulous. Thank you for checking out my website and considering to buy something.


Here is some information for you:



I'm a minimalist and I live and work on the road so my shop is completely online and all prints are only available as a download. This leads to a lot of awesome plus points!


  1. You save money. You only pay for the art and not the paper, the printing and the production in a country where it might be more expensive than in your own. And of course, you don't pay for shipping!

  2. You support your local gang. By downloading and printing in your hood you not only save money but you support surrounding businesses.

  3. You make it a tiny bit more environmental friendly. No shipping means a little less pressure on the environment and a lower CO2 output, especially on long distances. Awesome right?


After you purchase a digital product you will receive a download link via email where you download your goods. Be aware, you can only download your product for 24 hours after you receive your mail!



I can't take any refunds or returns for digital goods.