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Andrea Forgacs, info@andreaforgacs.com

2016            -            The theater studio Golda Eppstein is a privatly run studio in Zurich, Switzerland. Golda Eppstein is the impressive character who connects kids, teens and grown ups to improvisational theater. It is theater that is out of the box, fluid and without rules and allowing people from all generations to burst out of there roles and go bananas on stage.   

About the Project:

To create a perfect branding the character of the studio was translated into colorful elements that can be combined to patterns and illustrations. The „stage“ that is included in the logo is also used to create the stage for photos of the plays. The elements can also be used in the yearly illustration for the OnStage festival in which the participants of the course can show a play they created. 





A big part of the brand and the studio is its annual festival called OnStage. Every year a new design is created to fit the topic of the festival.